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Basement Lighting Tips

basement lighting for finished basements in albany, new yorkThe basement by its very nature tends to be a dark area since it is located below ground level and has few windows and those are often casement or half windows that are frequently located in window wells, further reducing the outside light availability. Consequently, a major, but seldom considered issue, is the safety factor that results from navigating around a dimly lit area particularly if it is cluttered with storage or other household items that are generally not used very frequently.

One of the first steps to consider in improving the natural lighting in the basement area is to clear away shrubbery or other plants or obstacles to light that are near or adjacent to the basement windows. This simple step can help increase the natural lighting downstairs.

If you can enlarge or even add windows in the basement, this will also help a great deal but for many, this involves considerable expense that may end up near the bottom of the list of projects that need to be funded.

Traditional lighting in the basement usually consisted of inexpensive, practical and “only as absolutely needed” lighting. How many basements can you think of that were equipped with bare incandescent light bulbs or long tube fluorescent fixtures. While these options may have been inexpensive and functional, they certainly didn’t make the basement a very inviting place to spend any time that involved leisure or recreation.

Your first consideration needs to be what the basement is, can and/or will be used for. If you have limited upstairs living space, you may want to think about turning the basement into a recreation area or den. On rainy summer days during school vacation, it might be nice to have a place for the kids to play that is away from the main living area and that offers both you and them some privacy and the freedom to spend time not stepping on each other.

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