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Basement Flooring For Your Remodeling Project

basement flooring in albany, new york remodelingSelecting basement flooring for your New York home can be tricky as you negotiate around factors like moisture problems and many different flooring options. You want to select flooring that looks great, but also one that can handle the conditions in your basement. These problems intimidate many people when they start to think about redoing their basements.

Before replacing old flooring or putting down new flooring, you want to check for unwanted moisture. One easy way to do this is to take a large trash bag and seal it to the floor with duct tape. Make sure that no air can get in and place several bags around the floor near walls, corners, doors, and in the center of the room. After waiting for at least 24 hours, check underneath the bags to see if moisture has formed.

If you find moisture during your check, you want to address that problem before even thinking about flooring. Consult with a professional basement remodeling contractor about different solutions. If you don't find moisture, that's a good sign although you need to keep in mind that your basement will experience varying degrees of humidity throughout the year and that lots of rain or other seasonal changes can still affect your basement.

Experts generally recommend avoiding carpet, hardwood, and laminate in your basement if you are looking for durability. Both hardwood and laminate can warp and mold can grow in carpets with the variations in common basement humidity levels. If you really want one of these, you can try using a dehumidifier to help keep the levels more stable, but keep in mind that you may run into problems regardless.

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