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Getting Steamy in Albany

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Steam cleaners have since become an important part of our day to day home hygiene. We use them to do a variety of things in our Albany homes including cleaning the kitchen floors, the bathroom floors and even the windows. Hard floor steam cleaning is one of the most important jobs that a steam cleaner can perform around the home. In general for most hard floors such as tiles there isn’t much care required when steam cleaning. The approach is often casual and usually produces excellent results.

However it is clear that the game plan changes significantly when it comes to steaming hardwood floors. To begin with hardwood is an expensive floor to have in the home or office. It requires a greater degree of care overall including how it is cleaned. It is for this reason that many Albany homeowners find it difficult to clean their hardwood floors the way they should be cleaned. If you have recently remodeled your home, consult your Albany remodeling contractor as to which cleaning methods are appropriate for the type of flooring you have.  The following are some important practical tips to consider when working with hardwood floors.

Check If Floor Is Sealed

This is extremely important. In order to apply any moisture to hardwood floors you need to ensure they are sealed. Manufacturers of these floors usually add a certain layer of water resistant material to the wood. This is an extremely thin film that night not be apparent to a naked eye. To check if your hardwood is sealed, find a hidden corner on the floor and put a drop of water. After a while if the drop of water does not disappear or sink into the wood, your wood is sealed.

Use A Very Hot Steam Cleaner

The other important consideration is the quality of steam cleaner you apply on your hardwood. It is necessary to use an extremely hot steamer. This can even be a dry vapor steam cleaner such as that manufactured by Ladybug. These steamers produce steam with very little moisture content. This helps protect your wood from moisture exposure. In general steamers of 1500w and above are hot enough to produce steam suitable for hardwood floors.

Vacuum First

This is a golden rule applicable to any type of steam cleaning even on floor tiles. Steamers are not designed to pick up debris and particles even though many people unreasonably expect them to do so. Ensure that you sweep or run a vac first on your hardwood floor to be steamed. This will produce a cleaner surface. The role of steam as always is to remove the tough stains and marks as well as to sanitize your surfaces.

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