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Space 2012. Need Some in Your Albany Kitchen?

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There is nothing worse to me than trying to cook or prepare food in a cluttered, disorganized kitchen. Since we spend a lot of time there, it is important to keep it orderly and neat. But since it is such a busy place, it’s easy for it to get messy. If you’re ready to make some changes, your Albany remodeling contractor will have a wealth of ideas to help you maximize your space and reduce the clutter.  If you are not quite ready for a kitchen remodel but do want to implement some kitchen organization, there are a number of things you can do right now.

Here are some simple ideas and suggestions that may help you to keep your kitchen under control.

1. Store utensils, pots and pans, and mixing bowls close to where they are used.

It’s a good idea to have different areas of your Albany kitchen designated for cooking, baking, and food preparation. Try to have everything you need for those tasks in the areas where you will be using them. Your mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and spatula can be near the counter where you prepare baked goods. Cookware should be near the stove. Have your dinner plates close to the table so you can set it easily.

2. Store or give away items you never use.

I have a whole bin in the attic of my garage containing kitchen items I haven’t used for years. Some were handed down from my grandmothers, so I don’t really want to dispose of them because they have sentimental value.

But if there are things that just take up space and you don’t mind parting with them, you might want to give them to charity or sell them in a yard sale. That will leave more room for what you do use a lot.

3. Invest in storage containers and space savers.

Let’s say that you have gotten rid of all the items that you either don’t want or don’t use. Yet you still have crowded kitchen shelves and drawers. There are many different kinds of racks, temporary shelves, dividers, and baskets to organize your cups, dishes, silverware, and other utensils. Many of these can be purchased very cheaply at your Albany discount or dollar stores.

Personally, I don’t prefer racks that you hang pans or utensils from. I’ve found that you are always having to wash them before you use them because they collect dust out in the open like that.

My mother has some handy wire racks that fit under the kitchen sink cabinet that holds all of her aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and sandwich baggies. She also has a little pull out half-drawer just for the little wire wraps that come with garbage bags. All of these things will make your Albany kitchen easier to work in.

4. If possible, designate one cabinet just for appliances.

The only appliances I keep out at all times are my coffeepot and toaster. If you don’t use appliances daily or often, designate a cabinet for them. This will keep them off the counters, and also prevent dust build-up on them. For things you rarely ever use, store them on a high shelf so you can save the easier-to-reach places for the more frequently used items.

5. Clean out your refrigerator often.

A cluttered refrigerator completely confuses me. I don’t like to have to weed through containers on the back of shelves to see what kind of leftovers I have. Then there is the risk that the food has gone bad because it’s been in there too long, and it has to be thrown away.

If you tidy the shelves in your fridge about once a week, you can prevent this. You’re aware of what’s in there, and the food can be used before it spoils. You may want to buy clear storage containers so you can easily see the contents inside them.

6. Keep up with the dishes.

Nothing makes your Albany kitchen look disorganized quicker that a sink full of dirty dishes. I run my dishwasher in the evening after dinner. If there are a few hand dishes, they can be washed quickly. Then, I unload it in the morning so I can add dirty dishes to it all day and not have them sitting around in the sink or counters. Then wipe the counters and tabletop. Sweep the floor if it needs it, and take out the garbage.

Your Albany kitchen is neat and organized and a pleasure to work in!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jessica_Gerald

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