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Keeping Your Bathroom Clean through Bathroom Remodeling in Albany, NY

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

There are many people who still see their bathrooms as a place to take a bath or use the plumbing. That’s the case with most, but that small percentage of us like to keep up with our bathrooms. Albany bathroom remodeling will improve the appearance of your bathroom greatly. There are many things that can […]

Freshen Up Your Loudonville Loo with these Remodeling Ideas

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

After kitchen remodeling, taking the time to do a Loudonville bathroom remodel is the next step in raising the value of your home. Whether you make big changes or just “freshen up” your bathroom, the following ideas can help make one of the most heavily used rooms in the house one of the most heavily admired. There […]

Six Reasons to Remodel Your Tired, Busted Bathroom

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

Why ignore the one room in your house that is vital to the whole family? If your Albany home has a bathroom that is tired, busted and generally out of date, consider the following reasons to contact your local Albany contractor to remodel your porcelain palace. 1. To make a small bathroom seem larger. There […]

Sorry – This Toilet Doesn’t Do Windows

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling


Home Sweet Home – Why Not Keep It That Way?

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

Home modification is a fairly new concept that has come along with the incarnation of seniors choosing to stay living in their Albany homes in place of moving to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Due to limitations that naturally occur as we age, changes need to be made in order for needs to be […]

Become a Tile-0-Phile

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

It’s almost inevitable that you will have leftover tile after your Albany remodeling contractor has completed a bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling project. And, since you can’t just return them to the store, you’re stuck with the odd angles, shards, and full squares of tiles that remain. Before you drag them to the curb, tap into […]

Porcelain the Perfect Pick in Albany

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

PVC Your Way to Innovative Creations

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

So your Albany remodeling contractor has finished plumbing your bathroom remodel, and now there is a plethora of PVC pipe, inevitably headed for the trash heap.  Don’t let all that perfectly useful building material go to waste – there are a multitude of uses for this oft discarded gem. You’ll really enjoy making head-turning furniture […]

Hire a Professional for your Bathroom Remodeling Needs in Albany

at | Category: Bathroom Remodeling

  Albany bathroom remodeling is not to be taken lightly – it is a huge project. It is also an investment that is why this is a project that is not a good idea to do it on your own. A remodeling contractor is what you need. It is not really easy to choose especially […]

If you are looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor in the Albany area, please call us today at 518-432-9298or complete our online request form.








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